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Published: April 5, 2022


Having a platform for your content online has always been an obstacle for small businesses.  In an environment where time is always working against you, even considering anything new can be exhausting.

And hiring a team of 3rd outsiders to promote your business is also time-consuming. It can quickly become an expense that many cannot afford.

Blown2Particles Business Blast provides the platform with the primary objective of streamlining the process of getting your media and posts online, shared under your control.

1.ROI on Marketing Efforts Made Easy

Marketing and advertising costs are a financial struggle for any professional establishment. Many small business owners quickly see the time and costs to get started as overwhelming.

Using a website, email, and social media offers this opportunity at drastically less expensive price points.  Marking online still requires time invested in research and content creation, just like other traditional methods.

Do not overlook that “Blog” based content ranks in the Top 10 of All Search Results on any platform.   Proving “website created content” is the literal fuel for 90% of professional social media and news site content.

This opportunity is where the Business Blast comes in! With the Blast’s posting wizard, all the technical steps to achieve top results are built into your posts, eliminating your worry of content vanishing over time.  Now you can quickly focus on what you want to say and the media you will be including.  Once your post is live, it is ready to share anywhere online and use as a target for online ads/marketing.

2.Know What's Working & What Didn't

Traditional advertising mediums (newspapers, billboards, & commercials) all are powerful revenue-generating assets.  However, this limits the potential by the inability to provide insight into the success of a campaign.

Non-digital methods are ultimately creating a hit or miss approach, making the low-performing attempts skyrocketing advertising costs.

It is no secret that the strength of taking the same strategies online is 180° experience—the endless amounts of data available to analyze and manipulate. Personalize any marketing or advertising campaign to update and manage, whenever, however, to whomever, for as long or as little as you’d like.

With this approach, you can generate the same results for a fraction of the cost, which could quickly sweep you away unless you have the time or training to self-manage your campaigns.

The Business Blast fully utilizes Google Analytics for each of your posts to provide you with real-time results!  Being a fully customizable product, we can design your dashboard to only present relevant information, hide distractions, and schedule emailed reports.  Keeping you informed on how your “blasts” are performing, quickly checked as a part of your new daily routine!

PRO TIP: Unshackle The Power Of Real-time

Did you know that website analytics’ secret weapon is its ability to provide real-time results?  Harnessing this power, you can quickly gauge if a post is gaining traction, the visitors are reading, and more.

This resource enables you to use your posts as a testing ground to dial in the details.  So when it’s time to market to your coveted customer lists, you’re delivering your best product!

3.Complete Control Over Visitor Content

This point is a big one, possibly the most important of all for any industry in today’s market.

You do want other people’s advertisements on the screen with your content. 

Unless you are getting paid for it, those ads are stealing your traffic.


The ENTIRE point of online marketing is to get people to your content so you can make money. Right?

Today’s audiences have a rapidly decreasing attention span. (BTW, I’m thrilled you are still here!) Unless you already have someone’s attention, every public platform has something New & Shiny to pull traffic away into their control.

The Business Blast does just that for you by giving you an isolated platform focused on converting traffic in leads.  This way, when your headlines capture someone’s attention, they are brought to YOUR site, free of distractions.

The Blast posts are easy to share any way you choose, email, text messages, or social media.  This flexibility allows your content to quickly adapt to the trends of multiple platforms of your choice simultaneously!

4.Become A Trusted Expert in Your Field

Like most businesses to your existing customer base, you already are their expert.  Adding that expertise to your online platform creates the opportunity to do that for new audiences, unlocking your potential customers.

Consumers have hundreds of overwhelming choices for each decision in today’s fast-paced digital superhighway.  This wealth of data creates an aura of feeling “extra” informed before pulling the trigger.

When presented with hesitation or pushed beyond the comfort zone, it’s human nature to turn to an expert. This expert could be a family member, neighbor, co-worker, and more.  Once that consultation is complete, we return to the online resource that reinforces our expert’s opinion.

Having the tools to provide your “Expert Advice” publicly becomes a powerful renewable communications tool. Not only are you able to reshare & revise your articles indefinitely, but also quickly grow & continuously repopulate marketing lists!

5.Secure Your Digital Footprint with Linkable Content

At one point or another, you’ve probably come across the terms; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Page Rank, Keywords, Impressions, Backing, Targeting, or a variety of other Online Marketing jargon.

While some of these terms will remain evergreen, others are constantly changing with what’s trending.

Having a Sales/Content Hub like Blown2Particles’ Business Blast handles all the technical details behind the scenes. When you create your post, the wizard simplifies the few areas that need your input—saving you time by focusing on getting your word published.

If you’re new to this; Content/Sales Hubs evolved from blogs, news feeds, & social media. Instead of limiting to a particular media type (blog, podcast, videos) on a platform.  Content Hubs are the supreme pizza for you to present!

Being a flexible & modern tool, it creates a better experience for both you & your customers.  Everything can be labeled and in one spot, with an organized, searchable format that stages you for success.

Once you’ve piqued a visitor’s interest, they won’t leave because you’ll have more to offer!

BONUS: Use Lead Funnels To Discover Actual Customers!

Sales, Marketing, and Advertising teams face the tedious challenge of sorting through these mountains of results. They hope to discover campaigns had a clear message and reached the correct audience.

If that went right, the content itself becomes scrutinized if it sparked visitors’ interest. Finally, visitors who converted into a conversation or sale get traced back to their origins for documentation.

But for every YES! You can see how there are also 1,000s of NO.

While traditional & digital advertising can drive tons of new traffic to your business. It also creates the need for a sorting basket. That way, people who are interested in hearing more can be separated away from the herd.

Implementing the lead funnel (targeted attempt to gather contact information) into the Business Blast provides a unique opportunity to capture visitor contact information… FOREVER.

Statistically, if someone takes the time to read your post, you have already started earning their trust as a buyer.  With decreasing attention spans and increasing competition, that trust becomes increasingly more valuable to your long-term business goals.

You only need to post one time, enable and complete the “Lead Funnels,” and your campaigns will populate your lists with engaged visitors!

This way, your emails do get read vs. lost in the junk mail folder.  The people you send them to are willing to read what you have to say.  And If they are not a customer today, they may lead another to you or become a customer tomorrow. Much better

You can get yourself closer to impactful conversations that provide the explosion of business you desire!

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